Superbowl Sunday

Ah, the best day for football in the entire year! At least for me, I mean. I thoroughly enjoy watching football, even though I don’t know any of the stats and I’m not particularly invested in any pro team. Formerly from San Antonio, TX, I used to be a Cowboys fan (San Antonio doesn’t have a team of their own), but lately, I just can’t root for them.

So it comes down to this, on Superbowl Sunday, I pick one of the two teams and become invested in them for that time period. This year, I’m for the Seattle Seahawks. I’m not much of a Manning fan, but I am a fan of at least two Seahawks fans, Joel McHale and Macklemore. Bad reasons? Don’t care.

And while watching the game, I’ll be devoting my hands to my crochet. I’m working on two big projects at the moment, both are baby blankets. The first one is from Lion Brand, the Purely Square Baby Throw, and the second from Red Heart, Octagons & Squares Throw Crochet Pattern. Making the Octagons & Square smaller than the pattern calls for though, since I don’t want the baby to be overwhelmed by a blanket! Not sure yet which one I will be working on during the game, but I’ll have a blast no matter what. =)

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