Cactus Pin Cushion


The Hubster is pretty crafty himself, though he works on the sewing machine instead of hooks and needles like me. And he has a sense of humor. So I made him a pin cushion, in the shape of a cactus.

He asked for a pin cushion a while back, and it took me some time to come up with the right shape. I mean, if he wanted a tomato pin cushion, he can get one at the store, right? I wanted this to be clever, or at least more clever than a piece of fruit.

I searched for ideas on Pinterest, which is where I found this idea, though that one was way cuter, with a face and “dirt in a terracotta pot” in the design. The pattern is available on Ravelry. I didn’t use it, though it is a free pattern, but what I did was probably similar. However, I didn’t like the idea of giving it a face and then letting it be stabbed with pins. I’m odd that way. So I left off the face and just made a basic stand for it.

I was troubled with how to weigh it down. Since I didn’t look at the pattern on Ravelry for this, I wasn’t sure what I should use. Honestly, by the time I decided to make it, I couldn’t remember where I found it. I tried rice first. It was good, filled in the space nicely, but it was too light. Next idea was dried beans, but I would have had to go to the store for that, and, well, just didn’t feel like it! Third idea, coins! But I didn’t want to use quarters, dimes or even nickles. So, there is currently $0.60 worth of pennies in the base of the cactus. It works pretty well. I was able to put all those pins in without needing to brace it with my second hand. The stitches are tight enough to keep the polyfill in, but the pins are thin enough to not need much space or find much resistance when being placed in the cactus.

The idea to crochet Pinhead from Hellraiser was entertained for about half a minute (I either saw that idea on Pinterest or on /r/crochet on However, Hubster isn’t really into horror movies, though he’ll watch them from time to time. And he wasn’t that impressed when he watched that one.

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