The Loop Stitch; Or The Cabbage Patch Hat

My boss is completely in love with her twin grandchildren and I can’t blame her. Those girls are adorable little buggers. So when she came into my office and started talking about a hat she had seen, I wasn’t surprised it was a hat that would be for the girls. I’ve seen a lot of these hats lately, these hats that resemble the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls of my childhood, and I have been wanting to try making one but just hadn’t gotten around to it.

I was half surprised that when I spoke to her about it again (the previous conversation had been summed up with “I’ll research it for you”) and she offered to pay me to make the hats. I have no idea what to charge her, but I was thinking $30 for 2. I’ll make 4 hats and let her choose 2, and then sell the other two at either art walk or Sunset Sessions. Ended up only making the 2 hats, since I ran out of both the pink and light yellow yarns I used for them.

The pictures I found of these hats use the Loop Stitch a lot, and while it takes some getting used to, it’s not particularly hard. It’s like the single crochet stitch, but with an excess of yarn behind it. What would normally be the front becomes the back of the work, since the loop is worked behind the stitch.



Basically, take any hat pattern you feel comfortable with, substitute the last 2 inches of it with Loop Stitches, and then add in the finishing touches.
yellow hat pink hatThe results are adorable.


Everyone at the Wal-mart remarked how cute they looked.

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