Dragon Balls

One Star Dragonball

One Star Dragonball

Oh so very long ago, I watched a little show from Japan called Dragon Ball Z. I never got to see its predecessor, Dragon Ball, and I never got into its successor, Dragon Ball GT, especially when I heard that Toriyama-sensei never wrote it, but I loved DBZ and still do, though I read the manga more than I watch the anime nowadays.

So when a friend suggested making crochet balls as dog toys, this was where my thoughts lead me. It’s just a simple sphere shape with an embroidered (more or less) star on it, but I like it! I would not give this to my dogs though. They’re too rough with toys like this, and it would get shredded within the hour. But for dogs who are more gentle to their plush toys, this would actually be a good idea. Or for having on your desk at work and throwing at people when you get bored.

I’m going to try to make a complete set! But I need to work on the star part a bit more, since I will have to eventually fit seven of those suckers on there.

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