Sunset Sessions: December 14. 2013


Instead of going to the McAllen artwalk this month, the group I joined decided to go to another event called Sunset Sessions, which is held on the 2nd Saturday of the month. This was new and interesting, first, because it was on a Saturday, and second, because I could actually be on time for setup! At the Friday artwalks, I’m usually running late because setup is at 4pm and I can’t get there ’til 6pm, at the earliest. Both events start at 6pm and go until 10pm, so not much difference there.

The tiny table with the snowmen tablecloth is mine, by the way. The other table is for Kawaii Polymer Studios and…actually, I don’t know what the third person goes by, business-wise I mean. She never showed up, so it’s a moot point.

Setting up our tables


A few of the other vendors were very interested in the polymer products
before the event even started! She does have awesome stuff.IMG_5282

My table looks a little sad, I think. IMG_5281

At least some people were interested. IMG_5279

Unfortunately, the sun was setting directly across from us, so we were blinded until it finally went below the horizon. Half an hour after that, the event officially started, and there were some performances on the stage behind us throughout the night. Some of the groups were pretty good, but most felt a bit lacking, in my opinion.

The first group sang Christmas songs, but the lead singer was off-key or off-pitch just ever so slightly, so the songs didn’t sound quite right. A group of kids danced, and even for little kids, it wasn’t very good. Maybe if their teacher hadn’t been so prominent? I only watched that one for a few minutes, so maybe it got better after that. There was a solo guy on an acoustic guitar, he was good.


And a group called “Issac and the Gentlemen”, and they were really good. They did covers of other songs, but it took a moment to recognize what the songs were because the guys really put a their own spin on the songs! Kind of a blues tone to them. And Issac (lead singer) sort of reminded me of the lead guy from Blues Traveler, whose name I always forget.

There was also a hip-hop group that I did not care for. They weren’t terrible, but I didn’t like them. Not really a big surprise, I don’t like hip-hop in general, never have.

I ended up selling only 1 hat, an alpaca yarn beanie. And, to be perfectly honest, I had found that one in the back seat of my car when I was unloading my table and bag of merchandise. I mean, it wasn’t store-bought, I made it myself, but I made it FOR myself. I just tossed it in the merchandise bag for kicks. “Oooohhh, look, I have alpaca!” Lo and behold, I actually sold it. For $15 too. That was the only thing I sold, but I gave away another hat. My friend (see below) was working at the event as  a photographer and looked like he could use a hat. So I just placed it on his head, snapped a photo and told him he could keep it if I was allowed to use his photo on Etsy to sell similar hats. He said ok, but I haven’t even attempted to make a listing for the dual-yarn hats.


All in all, the event was kind of a bust. Taking in consideration the gas to get me over there (and also to get me back home), the cost of the spot, the money I spent there. the low attendance of event go-ers, it really wasn’t worth it, but maybe in the long run. I’m getting used to being a seller, and I hope to become better. If I keep at it, I hope to eventually quit my day job and do something like this full time. That’s a very long way away, but I have hope!

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